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Dog Grooming Clippers: How to Choose and Use Them

A proper and regular grooming routine is a must for every dog owner dedicated to provide great care for their dog. Dog grooming includes various activities such as bathing, brushing, ear and teeth cleaning, nail trimming and haircut.

Almost all dog breeds need some sort of haircut on a regular basis. Long haired breeds may need only spot hair trimming, dogs with thick coating may need regular shredding, and dogs with hair that keeps growing need full haircuts.

This is why a pair of good dog grooming clippers is one of the must have dog grooming tools for dog owners and professional dog groomers alike.

There are many different types of clippers available at the market and choosing a good one may be difficult for most dog owners. In general the type of the clippers must correspond to the type of the dog’s hair and be comfortable for use by the owner.

It is recommended to go for electric dog grooming clippers as they are easy to use and give a neat and uniform use.

If this is the first pair of clippers you are buying, look for models that fit your hand well and are light weight – cutting your dog’s hair may be a tiring job, especially if you own a larger dog.

The only disadvantages of electric clippers are that they make noise and tend to heat during use. Noise will be unpleasant for the owner and can be really frustrating for the dog.

Clippers that produce a lot of noise can even be dangerous for both you and your dog’s hearing. Heating of the blades is equally undesirable – it can cause irritation and burns when blades come in contact with your pet’s skin.

Heating of the body of the tool is inconvenient for the groomer.

To avoid both of these undesirable effects compare several grooming clippers. Turn each of the dog grooming tools you consider purchasing on and let it run of several minutes.

Turn them off and touch the blades. Go for the tool that makes less noise and heat. Also look for clippers with long power cord – this will give you more freedom of use.

It is recommended to choose dog grooming clippers that come with a set of different blades and blade guard sizes. This way you will be able to easily control the area and length of the haircut in different areas of the body.

Once you have purchased a pair of clippers, make sure you know how to use them - even the greatest piece of dog grooming equipment is of no worth if not used properly.

The first thing to do prior to cutting your dog’s fur is to make sure it is clean and is free from mats and tangles. Bathe the dog if needed and brush its coat to remove any tangles and mats. This will prevent the clippers to get stuck in the dog’s hair.

Choose the size of the blade and the guard size according to the length of the hair you want to cut. Start by cutting the hair on the dog’s back and sides, moving the clippers from his or her neck towards the tail.

The hair of the legs should be cut by starting from the shoulders (for the front legs) and the hips (for the back legs) and going down towards the paws. Cut the hair on the stomach next. This is done by moving the clippers from the chest towards the tail.

Face and ears are usually last. Change the size of the blade guard if you need shorter or longer haircut in these areas. Be especially careful when clipping the hair near your dog’s eyes.

The hair on the ears should be cut by starting from the head and going along each ear. Once you are done with the haircut, brush your dog again to remove any lose hair.

Dog grooming clippers are a cheaper alternative to regular dog grooming salon visits and will allow you to give your dog an excellent look.

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